The official site of the artist Al Serov. An artistic descend to the depths of the parallel worlds where demons and angels run supreme.








The Fantasy Art of Al Serov. The Quest for Ultimate Beauty.

What is Absolute Beauty? Do Parallel Worlds exist? What is inside of our Subconscious Minds? These question come to me often. Art is not a tool for me. Neither it a just trade. Art is a passion, a blazing portal to the unknown.

Of course, everything is not that simple. In order to deliver you to an alternate universe an artist must possess MAGIC. And I am working just on that. It is a hard work.

I have decided to start this membership website in hope that it will help me to continue doing what I love most. You are visiting it right now, so the chances are that you are already familiar with my paintings. If not, please enter this site and visit Public Gallery. This is a good start.

What excites me so much about this website is that I am finally able to show my art to you with neither censorship nor any political correctness issues. There will be no moderators, no “trust and safety” teams, no SJWs here. Freedom feels good.

Please, come in. Welcome!

If you enjoy my paintings, I hope that you will help me to continue creating them.

I promise to share with you my new sketches so you will always know what I am working on. Not to mention sharing with you all my paintings and videos. This is my work and I work for you.

Also I count on your help with ideas and visions. We are entering the realm of subconscious desires, a realm populated by monsters and beauties. This is an unmapped land. There will be discussions and polls on my website. 

Also if you would like to know more about my art you can visit my page on Facebook.