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Recently I discovered a very interesting thing - in the past few years my finished paintings started to be much less revealing than my initial sketches for them. Why? How did it happen? The answer is easy. Without realizing it, I had began to correct myself. Because it is in the air. It is a part of what is going on right now. It might be described as a constant attack on freedom of expression under the disguise of “political correctness” and “safety”… 

I love going to museums. There are vivid memories from my childhood about me, by the time a little boy, standing next to the beautiful sculptures of naked women. Or me, looking at the paintings with bare breasts and bottoms. Well, it is not safe anymore. Or so they say. There is some twisted logic here. It happens to be OK to paint naked girls if you are a long dead artist from XIX century. The old paintings with nudity are accepted on modern social platforms. However, if you are a modern artist, you are in trouble. You cannot show your art. Today any moderator can delete your work on a whim. Just because they can. And for them it is always better to stay on the safe side. 

For me it was the last straw when some moderator banned my painting on the grounds that it cannot be viewed publicly because it contains “implied nudity”.  Not genitalia, not nipples, but IMPLIED nudity. I was very impressed. Imagine that you are sitting on a beach during hot summer day. And you are looking at a woman, who is partially submerged in water. You see her hair, her face, her bare shoulders, but you cannot see anything else. This is implied nudity. For all you know she might be totally naked. Should you complain? Should you call the police?

Well, this is insane. Unfortunately, this is the current trend. Safety trumps everything else. The next “logical” step would be to force all the women cover their faces. After all, there are people who are genially offended by a naked female face.     

This is why I decided to create my own website. I don’t need political correctness and censorship. These are the things that kill your mind.

As an artist I cannot help but believe in BEAUTY and FREEDOM. I believe that art is a portal to the unknown. And unknown cannot be safe. Unknown is full of darkness and danger. Yet all the best things are hidden there.

Please, come with me. I intend to be much more risqué in my art from now on. I will continue my quest for the ultimate female beauty but my characters are going to become even more seductive and provocative. Since this is a realm of fantasy they are not going to be restricted by anything.

This is a patronage website. I hope that my hard work might spark some feeling of appreciation in you. If so, please don’t hesitate to become my patron. This is very important. Only with your support I am able to continue creating my art.


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"Outstanding..... mad skills."

Dave Demon

"Once again you have created a fantasy masterpiece."

Paul Farrar

"Al, you always amaze me. Awesome once again!"

Wayne Belew

"Your artwork rocks!!!"

Daron Massiah

"Truly amazing work."

Boris Cibic

"Love your art."

Wes Plum

"Your work is top drawer."

Stephanie May

"The detail to all of your artwork is stunning!."

Andrea Clark
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